LuvBoost is an App designed to enhance intimate relationships.
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Positively change your love life instantly.

1. Rediscover Passion
2. Recreate Chemistry
3. Reinvent Romance

What if your relationship was more spontaneous, more passionate and more exciting, would that change your love life?
make a date great
LuvBoost uses techniques known to bring out our hidden desires. There are no chapters to read, nothing to study and no lines to memorize. This is a hands-on, do it now app, designed for couples who want to get more out of their relationship.

LuvBoost is based on the concept that you already have enough information. You just need to access what you know and take action.  Accessing what you know can be accomplished by asking and answering the right questions. We were never taught this school, especially when it comes to personal relationships. That problem has been solved. LuvBoost asks questions that influence action. These actions will boost your love life instantly.

Features Include:

  • His & Hers Specific Action pages
  • Couples Action Page
  • How To End Arguments
  • How To Avoid Relationship Sabotage