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Need To End Arguments

Arguing never boosted anyone’s love life. The fact is, in an intimate relationship, nobody wins an argument. There will be lingering bad feelings, which may lead to the retaliation tactic of withholding affection. You might have proved you were right and told them so, but you really lost in the long run when the dynamic of your relationship changed. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong, it is how you communicate that to the person you love.

loving divorce

For the most part, arguments are based on misunderstandings, unknown expectations, or conflicting strong beliefs. All of which do not have to end in a heated debate. Disagreements will arise in all relationships. If an amazing love life is your goal, you need to learn how to stop arguments before they destroy what you really want.

One way to avoid an argument is to know what triggers it. It’s very simple, your partner is going to defend themselves if you say or insinuate something that they perceive to be against:

1. What they believe, what they said, or what they did.
2. What they think you believe, what they think you said, or what they think you did.

In their defense, they are going to say how you are wrong. The cycle begins and a difference of views turns into a heated discussion, which can escalate to the point of no return. Words are said that just can’t be taken back and feelings for each other can be damaged forever. The solution is that one of you has to realize where it is heading and do something to change that outcome.

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