LuvBoost is an App designed to enhance intimate relationships.
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Upgrade LuvBoost for $0.99

30 MORE questions to lead you to love.
30 MORE images to arouse your senses.
30 MORE tips to focus you on intimacy.

Upgrading will also remove the banner ads at the bottom of the app.

This upgrade will unlock another page: “The Seduction Secret.” Would you like to know what excites your partner or how they would like to be touched by you? Understanding your partners needs and desires is the key to becoming great at seduction. The plan includes 15 intuitive questions that will open up a whole new world of intimacy.

The “Take Action” section of LuvBoost is designed to empower you to direct your love life. It consists of 4 sections:

  • It’s His Move
  • It’s Her Move
  • Be Together
  • Make It Great

In the Free version, each one of above sections have 3 Action Questions, 3 Suggestive Images and 3 LuvBites (tips). Using these 12 questions can change your love life, but what if you could do more?

The Upgrade includes 30 additional Action Questions, 30 additional Suggestive Images and 30 additional LuvBites (tips).

Free Version Upgrade Version
It’s His Move 3 Slides 13 Slides
It’s Her Move 3 Slides 13 Slides
Be Together 3 Slides 8 Slides
Make It Great 3 Slides 8 Slides

These additional questions are designed to lead you and partner to a more happy, fulfilling love life. They give you 42 ways to increase your Love Life Instantly.

If your love life is lagging and you want more with your partner, then Upgrade your LuvBoost and change your love life instantly.

*This is not an x-rated app. Although suggestive, there is no nudity in the pictures.
**The Free version of LuvBoost is a fully functional app.